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1.) Cooktop Not Turning ON

When your cooktop doesn’t turn ON at all

-Please wipe the touch control panel with a paper towel. Make sure there is no water or grease on the touch control panel.

-Please make sure the power wall switch is ON.

– These switches can be in the pantry, next to the oven switch or on the kitchen wall.

-If still it is not working then please check the circuit breaker for the cooktop. MCB for cooktop/Range must be ON in the switch board. If it is at OFF position then just reset to ON position. If it trips the MCB again then CALL SERVICE TECHNICIAN don’t reset MCB again.


2.)  Cooktop turning ON but touch is not working.

-First of all make sure the touch control panel is clean.

-Please make sure CHILD Lock is not activated. If it is then press and hold lock touch until you will hear beep and CHILD lock light will go off.

-Otherwise book service technician it could be faulty touch board.


3.) One element is not working.

Possible faults:

-The CHILD lock could be activated.

-The heating element could be open circuit or burnt.

-The relay on the main board can be faulty.

-Wiring on the heating element can be loose.

-Touch control can be faulty

Possible Solution:

-Turn off the CHILD lock.

-Book a technician.


4.) Element turns off for 30 mins or longer then Starts working again.

Possible faults:

-Over heating due to wrong cooking pans.

-Using for a long time.

Possible Solution:

-Please make sure the pans base is straight. If its base is deep from the middle then it will reflect all heat back into the cooktop and cooktop sensors will sense too much heat then it will cut off until it cools down.

– For your safety maximum you can use your cooktop for 2 hours on high levels and 4 hours on low levels heat settings. refer to the user manual.

-Could be faulty Main board. Book technician to replace the board.


5.) Elements are turning ON and OFF not staying ON all the time.

This is common for elements to turn ON and OFF during use. This is how they control the temperature. If the heat setting is low then the element will turn off quickly. If the heat setting is on high then the element will stay ON for a longer time.

6.) How to clean stubborn marks from cooktop?

– Buy cooktop cleaning scraper from accessories section from our website.

1.) The oven is not working at all.

-Make sure power from the wall switch is ON.-If the oven has a mechanical timer. Then set the knob to 30 minutes or Move to Hand position.-If the oven has an electronic timer. Please set the timer or press a Hand symbol button once.-Select the oven function with the function selector knob and set temperature with temperature knob.

2.) Temperature is not going to be more than 100 degrees.

-Could be a broken element.

3.) Oven is burning food.

-Could be a faulty thermostat. If the thermostat is faulty it will not control the temperature and it will keep heatings.
-Cooling fan not working.

4.) The oven doesn’t hold the temperature you set.

-Damaged door gasket.-Thermostat is faulty.

5.) The oven door won’t stay shut.

-Defective hinge or spring.

6.) Door is closed even though you can feel air coming out from top of the door.

-If the door is closed fully even then warm air is coming from top of the door that is common. That warm air is coming from the cooling fan.
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