AI Joy Washing Machine Cleaner

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�High-efficiency Cleaning: Bacteria Inhibitive Rate Reaches 99% and 3 Times of Detergency Compared With Those Ordinary Ones. These Effervescent Tablets Can Dissolve That Stubborn Dirt and Limescale.
� Effective Odour Removing: Help to Remove the Odour and Spread the Fragrance, Avoiding Leading to the Second Pollution on Your Clothes.
� Fit For Various Kinds Of Washing Machines: Such as vertical automatic washing machines, front-loading washing machines, and semi-automatic washing machines.

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    1. Remove all laundry items from your
    washing machine.
    2. Put two tablets directly in the washing
    machine tub or drum.
    3. Switch ON the power.
    4. Top loader machine- Select only hot
    water and maximum water level.
    Front loader machine- Select cycle
    with maximum water temperature
    like a heavy cycle with 90 degree
    water temperature.
    5. Let the machine run for 10 to 15 minutes
    so that the tablet can dissolve.
    6. Stop the machine and leave to soak
    for 2 hours.
    7. After soaking, put machine on full
    wash cycle.
    8. After the cycle, clean the drum with a
    piece of clean towel.For the first time user, this process will need to be repeated twice in a week and then on going on a monthly basis.