Fridge or Freezer Drain Unblocking Kit

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– 95% of fridges leak water when their drain ices up or gets clogged.
– If the drain hole is clogged or ice up, water will overflow and leak in the fridge or freezer.
– This kit got everything to unblock the drain.
1.Turn off the power to your fridge from the wall switch.
2. Try to find where water is leaking from, fridge or freezer.
3. In a few fridges customers can’t get to drain holes by themselves or you may have to take off a few parts.
4. Fill the syringe with warm water and inject warm water in a clogged drain hole. If the drain is iced up then you may have to repeat this procedure.
5. Once the drain is unlocked use a spring brush to clean it thoroughly.
1x Syringe
1x Tube For Syringe
1x Spring Brush
1x Drain Hole Plug
1x Scraper